hydrothermal zone

emerge refreshed

Relax and refresh in our hydrothermal zone, created for complete detoxication of body and mind.

Temperature: 80°C
Humidity: 10%

Finnish large sauna is an experiential type of Finnish sauna, suitable for holding sauna ceremonies. Sauna ceremonies are part of the experience, in addition to sweating and staying in a really hot sauna. It offers something extra – experience., relaxation or special skin care. Depending on the type of sauna ceremony you want to visti. The dominant feature of the sauna is the SaunaMaster saina stoves, which are inspired by the city of Rijeka and its history.

Main benefits for the body:
– elemination of toxins from the body
– blood flow to organs, limbs and skin
– strengthening the immune system
– prevention of allergies
– relieving stress, depression or migraines


Temperature: 45 – 55°C
Humidity: 25%

Combination of traditional sauna and aromatherapy. The classic sauna is enriched with the esential oils or vapors from medicinal herbs. Not only is the sauna pleasantly scented, but the essences also help in the prevention of the respiratory tract.

In addition, the remaining oils make skin healthier and clearer. The sauna maintains a relatively low temperature and humidity. Therefore, it si also suitable for people who habe difficulty breathing in the Finnish Sauna.


Temperature: 55°C
Humidity: 30%

Laconium is a heated room that uses the effects of “thermotherapy”. This method is focused on warming up the body and relaxing the whole organism, supplement by listening to relaxing music. This is a pleasant and gentle sauna. As this temperature is very pleasant, a stay in Laconium is practically not limited in time.


Temperature: 40°C -60°C
Humidity: 100%

Combination of heat and humidity in one cabin. Steam is known for its postivie effect on the skin, as it helps cleanse the pores and leaves the skin soft and supple. In addtion, it has a positive effect on the respiratory tract. The effest can be further enhanced by the use of aromatherapy, where the steam is enriched with essential oils.


Temperature: 40°C – 60°C
Humidity: 20%

Combining the positive effects of sauna and salt. The sauna cabin is enriched with salth, in the form of salt bricks, which allow us to perform so called Halotherapy, ie inhailing air with salt particles.

Inhalation of salt accelerates the regeneration of the body after exhaustion from sports or stress. It has beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, alleviates asthma and promotes detoxificaton. At the same time, salt from the air gets into the skin, which it softens. Staying in a salt sauna is one of the natural healing methods.


strengthens immunity, improves circulation, increases energy, beautifies hair and skin, regulates body temperature and strengthens spiritual well-being